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The 5 Trails Tale

Years ago, when John Gamet was a college student in Colorado, crossing the Nebraska plains after dark seemed like a good idea. In fact, Nebraska seemed like a pretty barren and monotonous place at the time, as he traveled back and forth between Colorado and his native Iowa state. Little did he know that Nebraska was about to become his new home—and prove to be fertile ground for his new family and work.

Invited one day by a young co-ed to visit her family on their Nebraska farm near Paxton, John accepted. It was raining that night as he turned off Highway 30 onto Roscoe Road, and it wasn’t long before the “city guy” was in the ditch. In typical Nebraska fashion, a nearby farmer gave him a hand and helped in on his way.

It wasn’t long before John married the young co-ed, and he and Kay settled in Ogallala where they worked and raised their family. Sons Stephen and Patrick grew up in town. Stephen also spent much time on his Grandparents and his uncle’s farms just east of town—and went on to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Still in high school, Patrick followed his parents to Chicago where his father had been transferred.

Like his brother, Patrick came to realize that farm life in Nebraska—like Grandma Ida Lucille’s cooking—was special. Determined to give Roscoe Road another try, John returned to Nebraska when he retired and purchased a farm near Roscoe. With the help of his two sons, John started the family’s first vineyard, which quickly grew to become 5 Trails Winery.

On what they now call the GRAPE PLAINS, the Gamet guys and their families found the good life. Steve is responsible for the vineyard and is on the faculty of the Viticulture Department at UNL. Pat and his wife Lori run the winery and tasting room—and John continues to have a hand in the overall operation.

5 Trails Winery is very much a family affair—and we take our hospitality as seriously as we take our fun. Please stop in and see us. We love spending time with friends—and making new ones!

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